KD-1211 The Beginning Of The End

KD-1211 The Beginning Of The End

$ 20.00





Kenny Dope takes on the funkiest sounds of the Miami Soul generation – on a single that's got more heavy funk than most full albums! Side one features a great edit of Beginning Of The End's "Come On Baby" (aka "Come Down Baby") – a groove that's just as heavy as their famous "Funky Nassau", and done with a similar blend of choppy guitar, romping rhythms, and blasting horns! Next up is Willie Johnson's amazing "Lay It On Me" – a tune that's got a really amazing bassline – one that moves faster than anything in the tune – including the blasting horns and rip-shot drums! And last is "Till I Get My Share" – one of the funkiest tunes ever from Clarence Reid – a hard and heavy number that feels a lot like the best Syl Johnson work for Twinight!

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