#290 Oaagaada - Oag-Ada / A Swimming Trip

#290 Oaagaada - Oag-Ada / A Swimming Trip

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Oaagaada: “Oag-ada / A Swimming Trip”

30 Oct 2020

We Jazz Records 

Product info:

Vinyl edition: Heat-pressed "old school" labels, natural brown generic sleeve. Lacquer cut at Timmion Cutting, Helsinki.

Release info (ENG / FI):

A: Oag-ada

B: A Swimming Trip

Tuure Tammi, trumpet / Sami Pekkola, sax / Tero Kemppainen, bass / Simo Laihonen, drums

Produced by Oaagaada & Matti Nives

Analog recording and mixing at Odd Funk Studio by T. Tammi

Mastered by Juho Luukkainen

We Jazz Records continues their 7" series with a new release by Oaagaada, a fresh quartet from the rural parts of Southern Finland. "Oag-ada / A Swimming Trip" appears on 30 October and presents the band's ability to create fiery and flowing jazz music with strong avantgarde leanings. Think Art Ensemble Of Chicago on their groovy mode and add a strong DIY mentality, four people in a room creating music in the now. The lows are low and the highs are high, with the trumpet firmly on the red, adding just the right amount of blurriness into the picture. Perhaps it's not "lo-fi jazz" per se, but rather music which is more concerned with other things than the cleanest of hi-fi imagery. This is "real jazz for real people".

The quartet includes Tuure Tammi (trumpet), Sami Pekkola (sax), Tero Kemppainen (bass) and Simo Laihonen (drums). Laihonen has recently appeared on We Jazz Records with Stanley J. Zappa and previously with Black Motor, and more Oaagaada can be heard on the recent "We Jazz Live Plates" album "Lonna 2019"