#2345 Pharoah - Harvest Time Live 1977 - Pharoah Sanders

#2345 Pharoah - Harvest Time Live 1977 - Pharoah Sanders

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With Pharoah Sanders’ blessing, we present the definitive, remastered version of PHAROAH, his seminal record...

With Pharoah Sanders’ blessing, we present the definitive, remastered version of PHAROAH, his seminal record from 1977, in an embossed 2 LP box set. Alongside the original record, we’re including two previously unreleased live performances of his masterpiece, “Harvest Time," and a 24-page booklet with rarely seen photographs and ephemera, which tell the story of this album and this moment in Pharoah’s life in a way that has never been done before—including through interviews with many of the participants and a conversation with Pharoah himself.

To learn more about this release and the research that went into it, which was uncovered by a dedicated team of journalists, musicologists, and writers across Europe, check out The Harvest Time Project on Pharoah’s website.
Here we’ll share the results of the extensive research we did throughout Europe and North America to support the release and the remastering of PHAROAH, sharing the insights made by the research team, including essays by Harmony Holiday, Marcus J. Moore, and Pierre Crépon—whose writing appears in the box set—among many others.

For those of you who already know this record, then you know that its origin story is as elusive as Pharoah was about everything Pharoah. It was born out of a misunderstanding between him and the India Navigation producer Bob Cummins, and was recorded when he was at a crossroads in his career with an unlikely crew. Among them was a guitarist who was also a spiritual guru, an organist who would go on to co-write and produce “The Message,” and a classically trained pianist—his wife at the time, Bedria Sanders—who played the harmonium despite never having seen one. At times ambient and serene, at others funky and modal, PHAROAH radically departed from his earlier work. And it became beloved.

Last fall, we were working with Pharoah on this project when he unexpectedly passed away. At first, it was hard to know what to do. We loved him, and the reason you do all of this is not solely for the music, but also for the person who made it. It’s their personality, their humor, and their wishes that drive you forward. So, we decided to go deep into the research. We set out to create something that showed Pharoah and his music in a new light.

Over the next few months, we’re going to share with you all the amazing things we found, from personal photos of Pharoah to newspaper clippings that people saved in their time capsules. And we’re going to share the live versions of “Harvest Time,” which turn the original piece on its head.

For seasoned listeners and new acolytes both, Pharoah will never sound the same.