#2312 Mami Wata (Joaquin Joe Clausell Remixes) - Brian Jackson

#2312 Mami Wata (Joaquin Joe Clausell Remixes) - Brian Jackson

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"Mami Wata" - A Captivating Journey through West African Rhythms.

Experience the mesmerizing fusion of traditional African sounds and modern Latin house in Brian Jackson's latest single package, "Mami Wata." Drawing inspiration from the depths of West African mythology, this track takes you on a captivating sonic adventure that spans vast regions of the continent.

Brian Jackson's rendition of a traditional African song resonates with the richness and abundance symbolized by the mythical figure of Mami Wata. From the sacred lands of the Dogon in Mali to the vibrant rhythms of Ghana, and even reaching into the heart of Central and Southern Africa, this composition pays homage to the diverse tapestry of African cultures.

To further elevate this masterpiece, Brian has collaborated with the masterful Joe Claussell, who lends his expert touch to craft a remix that intertwines a modern Latin house thread with the African fabric of the original composition. The result is the Sacred Arts Mix, a true testament to the power of music as it effortlessly merges genres and weaves an enchanting spell over the dancefloor.

This single package boasts not just one, but six distinct versions of "Mami Wata," each carefully crafted with its own unique tempo and subtle seasoning. Whether you prefer the rhythmic intensity of the Sacred Rhythm version, the deep dub vibes of the Deep Dub edition, or the extended album version that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the magic of the composition, this release offers a diverse range of musical experiences.

The remix package brings to life Brian’s immersive vocals, flute, kalimba, and organ playing. And for those seeking a slower, introspective groove, the Cosmic Arts Future Instrumental Slow version provides a celestial atmosphere that will make you feel as though you're floating among the stars.