22-044 Planx Soundtrack - Misha Panfilov

22-044 Planx Soundtrack - Misha Panfilov

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Original soundtrack to Kristjan Rohioja's play "Plan X".

Recorded in 2021.

Information of the play as per back cover:

Director-choreographer: Kristjan Rohioja
Dramaturg: Mikel Seeder
Composer: Misha Panfilov
Lighting designer: Priidu Adlas (Eesti Draamateater)
Theatrical producer: VAT Teater
Cast: Päär Pärenson, Endro Roosimäe, Ago Soots
Plan X (Plaan X) premiered at Vaba Lava in Tallinn on October 29, 2021

Synopsis (as per back cover):

Crime novel or survival horror?
Dance show or silent theatre?
Criminal tango? No, no - not tango, but a funky crime story. And then there's something more... Something sinister...
"Plan X" is a story of 3 bandits who are on a mission that turns out to be a real neck-breaker. Their backgrounds are iffy, and they are cooped up in a house together. The clock is ticking. Little to no time is left to make it out there in one piece. So many futile attempts in the past, it's not the best of omens, that it's time to put Plan X in motion!
- Kristjan Rohioja