KD - 073 UFO / B - Boy Strut - The Madd Rackett

KD - 073 UFO / B - Boy Strut - The Madd Rackett

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B-Boy Strut stxaip3h3fllxsu/B%20Boy%20Strut%20Snip.mp3?dl=0

Kenny Dope brings the breaks with this fresh 7” release on Kay-Dee Records. 

The A-side ‘UFO’, reinterprets the seminal breakbeat anthem from ESG. Shaking the scenes in NYC and beyond on its ‘81 release, it went on to become one of the most sampled tracks in hip-hop. In this new version, iconic US producer Kenny Dope brings his inimitable grooves and rhythms to the table. The beats are tightened up with force, the bass is given a heavy dosage of ‘beef’ and the synth-lines freshened up, resulting in four minutes and twenty seconds of body-shaking goodness. 

On the flip-side, we’re treated to ‘B-Boy Strut’: a thumping Kenny Dope original which serves electro-punk flavors over a bed of breakbeats. After a couple rounds of drums, the stage is set for the face-melting bass to enter: a wall of sound so heavy it should carry a warning sign. Sweeping resonances take us into Acid and 303 territory, while wave after wave of funky percussion keep the grooves flowing to perfection. 

With inspired nods toward classic and future sounds, Kenny Dope has delivered yet another must-have 7”.