22-007 Let Me Show You Love - Roman Anthony (White Vinyl)

22-007 Let Me Show You Love - Roman Anthony (White Vinyl)

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Presenting a timely reissue of Buzzin Cuzzins Feat Romanthony all time classic 'Let Me Show You Love'.

Originally released in 1994, this slamming piece of sleek US garage house has remained a stone cold 'go to' record for DJs of all persuasions.
Soulful, sexy and driving, it is one of Romanthony's best known and most cherished releases. Across 5 mixes - all of which are fantastic - you get everything you need to keep the party people moving. Steeped in gospel, the sharp edged funk of artists like Prince, and the minimalist stripped bounce of the real garage sound, 'Let Me Show You Love' is an essential, peerless, timeless, endlessly fun and inventive jam that no self respecting dance music head should be living without. Buy on sight!

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