#640 Innovator - Rhythm Is Rhythm / Derrick May

#640 Innovator - Rhythm Is Rhythm / Derrick May

$ 32.00


The Dance https://youtu.be/sMq90UAg-Zw

Strings Of Life https://youtu.be/rFQZndywOR4

Beyond The Dance https://youtu.be/mjKyXj7BBDM

Sinister https://youtu.be/WU2D58QrIms

Wiggin https://youtu.be/Z9cTBFFPt7s

Nude Photo https://youtu.be/fDwpiNOVYe8

Hand Over and https://youtu.be/SZt06yUlMgw

The release has been acclaimed as iconic because Derrick, the madcap and maverick philosopher of Detroit Techno, introduced the concept of dance music with a musical and emotional agenda way beyond anything that had come before. Beats with beauty. Literally the strings of life. Where fellow musical geniuses Chic had previously urged everybody to simply "Dance, Dance, Dance" mood alchemist Mayday merged simple yet cerebral dreamscapes with strange and urgent complex dance rhythms and invited us all to Dance And Dream. And in a strange juxtaposed way helped birth the hedonistic Acid House scene with classics “Nude Photo” and “Strings Of Life”

The energy is frenetic, but merged with a new age ambience. The gems collected on this offering were iconic in 1991, now they cause mass hysteria when Derrick turns his one time musical experiments, created in a tiny room in Detroit, and turns them into epic concerts with orchestras and musicians across the globe. “Hand In Hand” existed in 1991 and we wanted to release it then, but it’s taken until now for the complete 13 minute recording to finally meet the world.
It will be revered, because like all of Derrick May’s music it is life affirming. Emotions Electric indeed.

The original “Innovator” release was housed on one single slab of wax. This time around we have expanded it to two discs to make space for “Hand Over Hand” and also so everything elsewhere - masterpieces remastered - can be presented in a complete and superior fashion. Whatever the tweaks, changes and updates etc all these years on, this music still sounds gloriously alien and groundbreaking. But there’s still no Tenth Planet.

"Innovator" remastered by Curvepusher, London 2019. Re-presented by Network Records in conjunction with Derrick May.
Worldwide distribution by Above Board Distribution