#22 - 071 Ina Different Styley - Essence Of Redemption

#22 - 071 Ina Different Styley - Essence Of Redemption

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Founded in 1981 in Britain's second city...
Founded in 1981 in Britain's second city Birmingham, the band Sceptre were part of a thriving local music scene, a scene that for the most part revolved around live shows in the region's community centres, university campuses, pubs and nightclubs. Neglected by major labels, many bands went unrecorded and of those that did get documented most managed to release just one or two singles. Fortunately, Sceptre recorded and released an entire album, 1984's “Essence of Redemption Ina Dif'rent Styley”.

Poorly pressed, in very small numbers and with limited distribution, the album didn't sell well and barely made an impact on its release. However, whatever its problems the music itself was first class and over the last three decades, has acquired numerous fans and an ever growing reputation as a classic of the British reggae genre. Whilst still remaining underground and unknown to the vast majority of reggae fans, demand amongst those in the know has been such that used copies have fetched as much as £180.

As part of our mission to document and reissue Britain's lost, forgotten and unreleased reggae heritage, Sceptre were high on our list of projects. Through the good offices of Black Symbol who had released Sceptre's previous two recordings...  more

1. Ina Dif’rent Styley (Beverley March/ Jean Mclean)
2. Pestilance and Bombing (Michael Johnson)
3. Nuclear Disaster (Lenford March)
4. Play The Music (Jean Mclean)
5. Get Up and Go (Lenford March)
6. Essence of Redemption (Michael Johnson)
7. Goodbye (Jean Mclean)
8. Right Time Coming (Lenford March)
9. Me On My Own (Jean Mclean)
10. Soul Searching (Michael Johnson)

Bass & Horns by Lenford March (Blacka)
Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards & Horns by Jean McLean (Jeanus)
Bongos & Percussion by Michael Johnson (Rasiwa)
Sax & Percussion by Kenny Reid (Juicy)

Studio Musicians
Drums Brian Blake (Drum I)
Drums Tony Gold (Goofy)

Guest Toaster

Beverley March “Rankin Bev” (Ina Dif’rent Styley)
All tracks copyright control 1984
Recorded at Outlaw Studios Birmingham 1983/84
Produced by Sceptre
All rights reserved
P&C Reggae Archive Records 2014

All tracks owned by Sceptre and licensed to Reggae Archive Records

Transfer & Audio Restoration by Sean Pennycook
Mastered by Steve Street July 2014
Sleeve reconstruction and design by Sam Giles